Welcome to Jemima

Hello and welcome to Jemima.

Such a cute old lady. Very calm and very much enjoyed her treatment. 

She is well loved and cared for. She has had a few illnesses in her life. She has had pancreatitis and both of her cruciates have ruptured. This was 3 years ago now and her recovery was very good following TTA procedures. But she is now seeing us for her arthritis. In the last week her dad has seen her quickly deteriorate. The vets have done a full check but not found anything.

So she was referred for physio for her arthritis. Actually we were suprised to see how good her joints were! Her lameness suggested we were going to see big problems. But although she did have significant muscle wastage, she was actually showing good range of movement. 

So we did a full body massage and her stiffness was greatly relieved. It actually left us wondering if she has picked up a nasty achy muscle virus. 

We have given dad a home regime and we will see her again next week to see how she has gone. She deffinatly appreciated her massage! 

Keep up the good work dad and Jemima!