Welcome to Kano

Hello and welcome to Kano! He is very hansom with his super floppy ears! 

But he is only young and already having mobility problems.

Mum and dad were sensible owners and tried so hard to get a german sheppard with good safe breeding, but alas, he has hip dysplasia and some lower back spinal issues and degenerative joint disease (arthritis) already!

He is doing well though amd has come for physio to keep him on track with minimal drug use. 

His muscle bulk is actually quite good. But his lifestyle must be managed to avoid excessive strain. We have had long discussions about a suitable excercise plan that suits him mentally and physically. we have also given him a home excercise regime that will work on specific areas in the hind. He has taken to this all very well. 

Keep up the good work kano amd family!