Welcome to Mister Mack

Hello and welcome to mister Mack. 

This is a much loved labrador. He was rescued and soon after, the vet diagnosed elbow dysplasia. This has been managed conservativley and mum has done a wonderful job of getting him to 9 years old with very little intervention. She did a great job and soon after diagnosis she took him to see a physio for a home regime, and to a hydrotherapists. 

Now he is starting to struggle again so she felt it was time to see a physio again. We are pleased she did as there is so much we can do. Having done our assessment we could see how wonderful the hind legs were, but we needed to get some more use in the front. So we have done a treatment and set mum and Mister Mack up with a home regime. This includes some passive range of movement, a new walk regime, diet and some muscle building.

Keep up the good work mum and Mack and we’ll see you again for a follow up soon.