Welcome to Suzi



Welcome to Suzi. We don’t see many Airdales these days. She is very sweet. She has had many many issues with her health in her life. Thank goodness for an amazing mum who has not given up on her. As a result of so many problems, her arthritis was actually the least of the worries. But as she has got better, it has  become a concern.

So her vet reccommended physio and she came to us. Her hind limbs were the area that everyone thought was the worst. But this was largly due to her being so protective of them. She does prefer to not be touched. I’m not suprised after all she has been through. 

Here, we like to put our patients at ease and make them comfortable and happy. This relaxed state makes for a better recovery and better compliance. So we put her at ease and whilst she had her odd moan, we were able to do far more than the owner expected and not a muzel in sight. She allowed lots of massage and really her right shoulder seemed to have the worst issues. So we sent mum home with a new home excercise regime to help, and taught her some home masssage. 

Suzi has now been back once and she is doing so much better even after just one session. So we have treated again and updated the home regime. 

Keep up the good work mum and Suzi.