Welcome to Rio



Hello and welcome to Rio. This very hansome old man has joined because his mum had started to see him age. But at 15.5y he is doing very well!

He has slowed down over the years but not shown real issues. But 6 months ago he started to look lame in a fore leg. Vet examination showed the owner that Rio had lost some ligament strength in the carpus/wrist. Metecam proved to help alot. They trialed him without it to see if he was then feeling better, but this trial did show he was ready for long term pain relief. 

During all this the hind limbs were also starting to look weaker and the right side was knuceling at times to.

So mum brought him to us. We are so pleased to report this dog is in amazing condition. Most joints are wonderful. A testiment to good diet and excellent body weight and condition. There was an issue in the left wrist and both hips are restricted. We have done a treatment and sent mum home with a home regime to follow. This will help het those motor nerves working out and build some muscle, amongst other things.

We look forward to seeing you next week Rio. Keep up the good work mum!