Welcome to Snoops



Hello and welcome to Snoops. Such a sweet man. Sadly he went out one day and there was a yelp and he was paralysed in his hind limbs. So scary for everyone. He went to the vets and then to a referal specialist. He has done amazingly well. There has been no medical treatment so far but he has still made an amazing recovery. 

The referal center diagnosed a spinal disk protrusion or FCE. Either way, a bruise was caused on the spinal chord. As this has healed he has regained mobility gradually. However there is still a defecit as it takes time for the nerves to heal. He is 6 days into recovery, he still has hind limb weakness and proprioception issues in the left hind. So the vets said physiotherapy was imperetive.

We have now got him on a bespoke home care regime that will help him regain confidence in his hind limbs, rebuild muscle that has already been lost, improve his proprioception and remind him to lift his limbs properly. Our excercise made him lift his right hind impressivly, so hopefully the left will improve soon.

Good luck Snoops and keep up the good work dad. We’ll have you feeling better soon.