Welcome to Rufus



Hello and welcome to Rufus. We dont see many bassets these days, but we had 2 basset lovers in one day!

This lovely man had a tough start in life when he had a spinal trauma at less than a year old. By 14 months he needed spinal surgery in his neck. This was done by the man we now know as “supervet”. He recovered well, but did have a few remaining signs that things weren’t totally right. But it didnt matter to him. He got on with life and has been happy and enjoyed many fun walks.

But then 3 weeks ago some signs started to worry mum and dad. So they went back to thier vet. They tried rest and pain relief, but it didnt seem to work. 

So the owner contacted us to try physiotherapy. Thier vet eagerly agreed that this was a good choice of treatment.

So we have now done a fully examination of Rufus and talked about his lifestyle. We have found his weaknesses and set him up with a home excercise regime. We hope there will be no need for further spinal surgery.

Good luck Rufus and keep up the good work mum and dad!