Welcome to Mollie



Hello and welcome to Mollie. And a big welcome back to Mollies mum who came to us with her late dogs over the years too.

Mollie has been lame and x-rays and vet checks didnt show any reason. So she was referred to us for physio and investigation. 

We are pleased to say we have found a problem, although it would obviously be better for there to be nothing wrong. Mollie is only 3y so we dont expect to see many issues at this age, but she does love her ball and accidents do happen. 

On exam we found all of her body to show no problems except the right shoulder. Here she had some discomfort on opening the joint fully. We feel there may be some ligament damage as there are some many ligaments in the area and it didnt present like the more common biceps tendonitis. The diagnosis is for the vet to decide but we can treat what we see.

So we have set her up with a home regime of lead restriction and we will give her 8 weeks careful excercise. she will also have home massage. We may use ultrasound for this issue too but we will reassess next time and update the correct course of treatment.

Well done mum for bringing her for physio. good luck with the home regime and rest. We’ll have her feeling better soon.