Welcome to Millie




Hello and welcome to Millie.

Such a sweet little girl. She has had a long life time of skin problems that have been under fair control over the years, by the care of her vet.

But a while ago lameness was noticed and x-rays were done. She had osteophytes and some sclerosis in both elbows. So arthritis. This was generally managed well and she remained happy.

But a few weeks ago she was taken into the vet for a routine check. The vet was very thorough with her check and noticed a lump in her forelimb. This was checked and found to be an aggressive tumour. So the vet acted very quickly but the best option was to remove the whole limb.

Millie has recovered wonderfully and is adapting well to her new body. But the body has to relearn alot and makes lots of adaption to cope with 3 legs. We also need to remember that the other elbow also already had signs of early arthritis.

So Millies mum has brough Millie in to start physio to ensure she looks after the body as best she can and therefore the health of the remaining elbow too.

Well done Millie for doing so well so far and well done mum for all your hard work too! Well keep Millie happy and healthy together.