Welcome to Gracie



Hello and welcome to Gracie.

This beautiful old lady pointer has had a really sad past. But she was rescued by her wonderful family.

But now age is taking its toll and she is starting to show lameness amd stiffness.

The twist in her story is that her past has made her so nervous that the owners said she always yelps and reacts to the very thought of pain. So this has always made diagnosis from the vet difficult.

I am proud to say that she showed none of this nervous behaviour with me. She was calm and relaxed amd allowed me to thoroughly assess her whole body without any yelps. There was clear back pain reactions in her muscles, but the reat of her body is doing incredibly well.

Treatment included a full body massage, stretches and setting a home excercise regime. Gracie now has her home plan and the owners are keen to get started.

Good luck Gracie, and stay calm. We’ll have thst back feeling better in no time.