Its all over to the editor now!



Its all over to the Editor now!

Its been a while since the last update but a lot has been happening so here it is!

I re-filmed a few parts which only involved me. The puppy is so big now! And I am now much happier as I was able to read the script easier so it more clear. Very excitingly, I was also able to see myself on T.V for the first time! Wow! Alex Mitchell very kindly redid my make-up as crazy O’clock in the morning!

I have also now done the recording for the voice over part of the film. It has been fascinating studying documentaries on T.V. and seeing how little they actually say to the camera! I never noticed this before! I have a new found respect for the voice over industry. Its actually exhausting to concentrate on talking and not tripping over your words for so long!

So Adrian, the cameraman and Editor is now having to put the almost 200 scenes together to make our film.

Sadly the Japanese part of the process is looking much more difficult. I had totally under-estimated how hard that would be. The Japanese have a very complicated language and so translation is time consuming. Did you know the Japanese don’t have an alphabet like we do? They write sounds instead. So we have 26 letters. They have just under 50 sounds. And that’s just the start of their complex language which is actually a mix of 3 languages! Its been very interesting, and a big learning curve, but also a little disappointing. But we do still have options to explore, so I am not giving up on having a Japanese version. But I may have to get an external publisher involved to take on the process in Japan. I have lots more research to do!

But there are also many other English speaking countries to approach! And that will be far easier!

I look forward to sending my next update!

Many thanks!