Welcome to Indie




Hello and welcome to Indie. Indie is a maincoon cat. She is enormous!  But truly beautiful. Such a calm cat.

Sadly she suffered a collapsed disk and this put immence pressure on her spinal cord. Even the specialist was suprised she has made the recovery that she has.

Following surgery she did have physio by the owners and this helped alot. But the owners stopped seeing progress so they have come to us for further help.

We are pleased to say she is doing really well. Her mobilty is very good and she can walk arou d well, but she gets very stiff when she rests and she has trouble with balance. And sadly she just cant scratch her right ear!

The owners now have a new home regime and a renewed sence of hope.

Keep up the good work dad! Indie will get there in the end! This one just may take a little time.

And well done indie on all the hard work you’ve put in too!