Welcome to chip




Hello and welcome to Chip.
This gorgeous Corgi cross was rescued with a dislocated hip! Poor thing.  He had been left this way so the body had tried to heal. Sadly it remained painful, unsuprisingly.

Chip had surgery less than 2 weeks ago and had the top of the limb bone removed. This means the body can now form a comfortable pseudo joint or false joint out of the fibrous tissue the body will put into the space.

The body is so clever. So our job is to keep Chip using the limb in a good way. We also need to keep up the range of movement in the hip so that the limb heals comfortably and with full function. We also have to look after the oyher limbs to make sure they cope with the extra work.

Chip is making excellent progress and he will be back to normal movement very soon.

Well done chip and mum! Keep up the good work!