A smart collar that can monitor your pets vital signs!



Technology is moving at an incredible rate!

PetPace have now launched a now smart collar that allows owners to monitor their pets temperature, pulse, respiration rate, activity patterns, positions and heart rate variability. It can also text the owner and vet if any abnormalities are detected.

It is wireless and small and can fit cats or dogs over 3.6kg. The information can be read on your smart phone.

These collars retail for $150 (£101) and have a $15 (£10) monthly fee.

There is more information on their website.

It is lovely that technology is moving to help people monitor their pets health out in the open world. Whilst it maybe a considerable monthly commitment at this time, this is great for detecting heart issues, particularly in susceptible breeds such as boxers. It is lovely to know that it could reduce the need for dogs to be hospitalised to read these vital signs, which would be the current way of detecting heart issues. There is no stress element to rule out at home.

Maybe one day this will be a normal way of monitoring.

PetPace smart collar available for cats