Welcome to Mitsy!



Hello and welcome to Mitsy!

This gorgeous little one sadly sufferd with bilateral luxating patellas. This means both knee caps kept slipping out of place. Sadly for her the surgery didnt work out in this unfortunate case. So she has very poorly knees.

Luckily she has a wonderfully caring mum amd dad who haven’t given up hope on making her feel better! So she has now started a phyiotherapy course.

Mitsy has touched alot of hearts along her path, including that of the wonderful vet who referred her.

So far they are all doing very well and Mitsy is making great progress! They are having to work hard and massage around her knees daily, and do weight shifting excercise to rebuild the muscle and daily stretches.

Her mobilty is getting better and we wish her good mobilty in her future. Keep up the hard work mum, dad and Mitsy!  You’re doing really well!