Mitsy update!




Some super star owners! They have cracked on and made the ramp we asked for! It took them half an hour and some bribary to convince Mitsy to do here excercise, but they have managed!

Well done!

So far Mitsy has already become more speedy around the home, more interactive with the other cat and is doing the stairs faster! We are so pleased to hear she wants to go out and is trying to jump again! Dont jump yet though Mitsy!

Mitsy needs to rebuild muscle in the hind so this carpeted 10 degree ramp will help. She was a little sore after our last session as we used an intrasound machine to deliver more effective massage where needed. But she recovered well as this only lasted a day amd the effect will last far longer! This type of therapy helps the body remodel its scar tissue into the correct shape so its not as tight and restrictive around her knees.

Well done Mitsy and parents! Keep up the good work!