welcome to Roxy



Hello and welcome to Roxy. This poor little sweetie has been under alot of stress in the past several months. This has lead to some behavioural problems, but has also manifested as back pain.

Many medications and calming aids have been tried, but with no success. So the owner decided to try physiotherapy.

Back pain was evident, though she was determined to hide it. So our treatment consisted of a full body massage concentrating on the back.

We showed mum how to do some massage at home which she would do daily before bed to ensure a relaxed nights sleep for everyone. Mum took it all on board, and went home.

We are so pleased to hear that just 3 days later all the behavioural problems have stopped. Mum has been vigilant at doing the massage as instructed and so far its all worked out perfectly.

Keep up the good work mum and stay calm and happy Roxy!