Welcome to Barley




Beautiful Barley had a real surprise hiding under the skin. No one knew there were any problems really. Then one day, Barley went to a routine booster and the vet found the knee cap (patella) was dislocated. This can be quite a common problem so isn’t as bad as it sounds, but it will cause terrible future arthritis.

Barley went for x-rays and surgery to correct the fault. The vet actually found that the whole of he thigh bone had not formed properly. This meant there was no grove for the knee cap to sit in. so really it had been free to sit wherever it liked all of Barley life.

This has now been surgically corrected and Barley is having physiotherapy for post operative rehabilitation.

Barley is doing very well Swelling has gone and we are getting better. There is still some way to go as Barely isn’t using it properly yet, but she will get there.

Keep up the good work Barley and mum!