Welcome to Steve



Steve is an amazing patient, and ensuring we keep on top of our game, by updating our skills in new and exciting species. She is a Skunk!

Steve is a wonderfully behaved Skunk, who sadly has forelimb lameness. There was a patch of lameness in the Right fore, but this resolved and has now come back, but in the Left fore. Its clearly very uncomfortable so the owner decided they wanted to try all treatment options. Especially as there as very few licensed drugs for use in Skunks.

So Steve has been given massages and we’ve given the owner a home exercise regime and shown them how to do some gentle massage. Steve loves this completely. We never expected such great patient compliance!

Difficulty in this case is that Steve is trying to hibernate so she is resenting the exercise as she just wants to sleep. Sadly this only makes her lameness worse. This hibernation does add another challenge to the case, as the metabolism and other body process all slow down, so healing is also likely to take longer.

But we hope to have you on the mend soon Steve. Keep up the good work mum and dad!

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One response to “Welcome to Steve”

  1. Steve looks an amazingly lovable skunk – & how can she NOT love having a massage from Donna. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one close up, but she looks so cuddly. I think she’s in good hands and we wish her well!