Hip dysplasia webinar free for owners



In the veterinary world, us professionals have to stay on top of our training so we always know what’s new. One of the ways we do this now is through webinars.

Webinars are a wonderful way of hearing a live speaker from the comfort of your own home You will get to watch as slide show and often you can ask questions at the end.

Veterinary expert pet health is offering a free webinar on Hip dysplasia. As one of the most common problems we treat in dogs, and a major cause of the osteoarthritis that’s caused later, we thought we’d make sure you had the opportunity to watch this too. It has also been seen in a proportion of cats too, so if your a cat owner you can watch this too!.


Don’t worry if you miss the live webinar, if you sign up, you can watch the recording later.

Click here to go straight to the webinar page.

7.30-8.30 pm 11th September.

Speaker Mr Andy Torrington BVMS CERTSAO MRCVS

Billy June10

Happy learning!