Welcome to Tom



Hello and Welcome to Tom. Tom is a miniature poodle has been diagnosed with Legg Perths disease. This means the vet had to do a femoral head and neck excision. this means remove the hip joint. Poor tom also has cruciate ligament laxity as well.

So Tom is now on a program to get him confidently using the limb that has had the surgery on as quickly as possible so that we can work on the cruciate issue. If that becomes worse, or breaks (ruptures) he could need surgery on that too, so its essential we get him comfortable fast.

Removing the hip joint is not as bad as it sounds. Many dogs and cats have this procedure and do recover very well with a fully functioning leg. The difficult thing is that small dogs are so good at using 3 legs, that they tend to not try to use the poorly leg. So that’s just one of the jobs the physio has to do…remind them that they do have 4 legs!

We’ll have you feeling better soon Tom!