Welcome to Dylan



Dylan is a very hansom Rottweiler. Sadly he has severe bilateral hip dysplasia and arthritis already, and he is only 6 months! He has had to be put on some strong pan relief  But this is only temporary. He has been sent to us for physio so we can build his muscle in a sensible manor. This will make the hips more stable, which will reduce pain and reduce the aggravation of the arthritis.

The owner already has an excellent walk regime, so this helps. We just need to give more specific, non-impact exercises to help the hind build up without causing more damage and inflammation.

Hip dysplasia is a very common problem and can effect any breed, not just Labrador  Physio is an excellent form of therapy for this disease. It won’t fix the bone shape, but building muscle is the best treatment. Then they can live much more normal lives.