Looking after the owner too!



At Animal Physiotherapy Ltd, we try to ensure we look after every aspect of rehabilitation. We realise that whilst the patient is of the highest importance, its also  important to look after the carer. Our patients make the best recovery, in the happiest environment  So looking after the carer means owner and patient are looked after. After all, the time of rehabilitation tiring physically and emotionally.

We thoroughly recommend taking time out for yourself and looking after your own body too. Pressing the “reset” button. We recently discovered Rachel Higgins. Having reaped the reward of relaxed muscles, more energy for work and a clearer mind, we recommend her!

She is a local Beauty, Holistic, Reiki and crystal therapist, so offers more than massage alone. She can help you de-stress and recharge, ready for more happy and focused time with your patient. And most importantly, she is a keen animal lover and totally in tune with nature, making her totally understanding of the stresses that loving and caring for your fur child can bring.

Watch out for mother and fur child luxury massage packages!