Our Day at BBC London Radio 94.9


Getting ready to be on air, live!

Thank you to Jo Good and Anna Webb and everyone we met at the BBC studios.

We were on thier show, Barking at the Moon, on 6th December 2012. Our show is not yet online but we’ll let you know when it is.

BBC studio, new building, where we were recording

We had so much fun! It was a wonderful experiance. The studios look amazing and although the interview was nerve racking, it was great fun! See all the pictures below!



We also met some other amazing guests. Including the editor of The Lady magazine, and Debbie Mathews.



Debbie Mathews is the the daughter of Bruce Fortsyth She is doing a campaign at the moment to encourage scanning for microchips and they have brought out a new scanner that brings up the telephone number immediatly. Excellent work. It was lovely to hear about the cause and meet Debbie.