Doga Pictures at Harrods as promised



Harrod’s recently started new Doga classes!

Doga has been around quietly for a long time, but it has just hit America hard. It has also been shown by Stacy Solomon (Who we met a few weeks ago on Channel 4 Sunday Brunch) and her dog on television.They have a specialist Doga instructor who has a long history in using yoga as therapy for children. Mahny now specialises in Doga too.

Harrod’s asked Animal physiotherapy Ltd to come and join in for a Doga class to see what it was all about. It was very different to what we expected. It was a wonderful opportunity for dogs to bond with their owners, and their owners to get a great yoga work out, and finally also, for dogs to socialise with other dogs!

Admittedly, its a little bit better if you have a small dog. Donna went with her border collie cross, and it was….interesting, when the lifting parts were to be done. But on the other hand, far less flexibility was needed to stretch down to fuss him on the floor!

What was clear was that all the dogs really had fun and played and mingled, and all owners had a great Yoga work out. And as the session went on, the dogs did all get involved with cuddles and joining the owners as they stretched. And by the end of the session, when the owners were doing their relaxation breathing, the dogs were laying down, relaxing with them. Well, 3 of the dogs laid down on the floor licking the face of the camera man, which did make us all laugh a lot!

It was definitely a fun thing you can do with your dog.